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Thanksgiving Schedule & Turkey Defrosting Tips
Thank you for producing products that we can happily allow ourselves and our children to eat!
- Etti, Woodmere
I want you to know that I am thoroughly pleased. The food came to me perfectly frozen, and it is delicious. And I used the bones to make bone broth, and I want you to know, it is top grade. I so appreciate the fact that you provide a product that is pastured and Glatt kosher.
- Valis, Hazelhurst
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Recipes and Cooking Tips
We strongly encourage you to read our Pastured Turkey Tips if you are following your favorite recipe. If you're looking for something new, checkout our recipe blog for new takes on the classic.

Allow 24 hours per 5lbs to defrost your bird in the fridge on a plate. To speed things up, place the bird in a sink or basin of cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes. Learn more

Delivery Schedule & FAQs

When Should I Order?
We are fully stocked, but we recommend that you order as soon as possible, especially if you want a very large or very small bird. You can choose a delivery date closer to Thanksgiving. For Mail Order customers, we recommend you choose to have your bird shipped the week of November 13.

We will be delivering and shipping the week of Thanksgiving (November 20) but your bird may arrive frozen.

What Size Bird Do I Need?
We recommend allowing between 3/4lb - 1lb turkey per person. Order a lager bird if you want leftovers; a smaller one if you're serving other meat, many other dishes and/or don't want much left over.

Are Turkeys Delivered Fresh or Frozen??
ALL TURKEYS ARE DELIVERED FROZEN EXCEPT "NY/NJ AREA HOME DELIVERY" THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 20 (SEE BELOW). We recommend you defrost your bird in the fridge; allow 24hrs for each 5lbs of turkey. For faster defrosting techniques, click here. Birds shipped via FedEx will arrive FROZEN.

What Else Do I Need?
You've got the turkey, but did you remember to order....

More Questions? Call us! 888-790-5781
We're here to help answer your turkey questions, and any questions at all, to ensure you have a wonderful holiday:
- Monday - Thursday, 9am - 8pm EST
- Friday 9am - 5pm EST
- Sunday November 5, 12 and 19: 9am-1pm

NY/NJ Home Delivery Schedule & Defrosting

We are delivering to all areas on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of the week of Thanksgiving.

For delivery on...
...Monday, Nov 20, order by 5am on November 20
...Tuesday, November 21, order by 5am on November 21
....Wednesday, November 22, order by 10am on November 22 (all deliveries will be before 5pm on this day)

More details

We offer a pre-defrost service for Whole Turkeys delivered in the NY/NJ Area the week of Thanksgiving. (Note that Turkeys shipped via FedEx, even if to the NY Area, will be shipped frozen. You must select "NY/NJ Home Delivery" as your delivery option if you would like a partially-defrosted turkey).

Orders received by 10am on Sunday, November 19 will be put in the fridge to begin defrosting on Sunday. Orders received between 10am Sunday and 5am Monday will begin defrosting on Monday. Orders received between 5am Monday and 5am Tuesday will begin defrosting on Tuesday.

Please allow 24hours per 5lbs for defrosting. Your bird will be delivered PARTIALLY defrosted. Continue to defrost on a plate in the fridge.

Shipping the Week of Thanksgiving

There will be no 3-day shipping the week of Thanksgiving. We will ship on Monday and Tuesday only. Since Thursday is a FedEx holiday, any method that would have arrived on Thursday will arrive Friday. You'll have the option to choose a faster delivery method if you want your order to arrive before Thanksgiving.

Monday: Order by 1pm EST and choose a 1- or 2-day shipping method for arrival on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tuesday: Order by 1pm EST and choose a 1-day shipping method for arrival on Wednesday.


Buying Clubs

Thanksgiving Buying Club pick-up will be on Wednesday November 15 or Thursday November 16, depending on your location. Approximate order deadlines are below. See your local Buying Club page for additional information.

Eastern Zone Buying Clubs
- Orders due November 12-14

Western Zone Buying Clubs
- Orders due Tuesday November 7

> Check your individual city pages for more detailed information.
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